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Team DreamQuest Total Domination at the 2012 BSN Emerald Cup!

National sensation Team DreamQuest delivers an off the chain performance at the 2012 Emerald Cup this past weekend! Lead by Overall wins by Vanessa Naesheim and Erin Yates, our team proved it is a force to be reckoned with taking home 20 trophies including 6 first place finishes!

Because of the magnitude of this show being the largest amateur contest in the nation, I am going to list all the competitors and their placing as everyone came in conditioned and deserved to stand in their lines! At a smaller show most everyone we entered would have likely placed:

Men’s Bodybuilding
Shawn Boisacq – 1st Heavyweight

Women’s Bodybuilding
Erin Yates – 1st/Overall Masters
Tarna Alderman – 2nd Open

Men’s Physique
Josh Coleson – 1st Masters over 35
Wade Hayes – 3rd Open class C
Alex Atanasov – 4th Open class B
Alex De la Cruz – 4th Open class A

Women’s Physique
Erica Blockman – 3rd Open class A
Erin Yates – 3rd Open class C
Kim Kosmas – 6th Open class C

Vanessa Naesheim – 1st/Overall Open class D
Erica Blockman – 1st Open class A
Chandra Blankenship – 2nd Masters over 35
Carla Summers – 3rd Open class C
Lisa Stark – 5th Masters over 40
Anna Persijn – 5th Masters over 35
Kim Kosmas – 6th Open class G
Noelle Miller – 7th Open class E
Julie Lee – 15th Open class A

Francesca Yumul – 1st Open class D
Heidi Keels – 4th Open class D
Carla Summers – 4th Fit Body over 35
Sondera Blockman – 6th Open class A
Krystal Keen – 7th Open class F
Shawna Coleson – 7th Fit Body over 40
Yayoi Fox – 8th Fit Body over 40
Angel Saucier – 9th Open class E
Amelia Stradley – 10th Fit Body over 35
Yvette Esparza – 10th Fit Body over 40
Kate Strauss – 11th open class C
Lauren Colson – 13th Open class B
Angeline Jones – 16th Open class F
Sonja Cummings – 16th Open class B

I continue to be amazed at the commitment to excellence and high bar this team maintains and is why we are winning and proves it doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars a month to be a top 5 competitor!

We exist to deliver on the commitment to place top 5 competitors, value our competitors experience, and provide the best combination of resources for our team to succeed and it keeps getting better!

Congratulations team and let’s keep it going!

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Vancouver Natural Bodybuilding Championships this weekend!

So excited!

I cannot wait to see all of my competitor family at the Vancouver Natural Bodybuilding Championships this weekend! Let’s pump it up!

Vancouver Natural Bodybuilding Championships two weeks away!

The Vancouver Natural Bodybuilding Championships is less than two weeks away. I have missed you all!

Vancouver Natural Bodybuilding Championships three weeks away!

Three weeks till the Vancouver Natural Bodybuilding Championships— are you all ready?

I cannot wait to see all of the amazing and talented competitors in Vancouver!

Tanji Johnson’s Pre-Contest Workshop tomorrow!

Will I see you all tomorrow for Tanji Johnson’s Pre-Contest Workshop? I hope so!

Please join me, Tanji, and other amazing Team DreamQuest athletes this weekend! I cannot wait to see you all there!

Tanji Johnson Pre-Contest Workshop

This weekend Tanji Johnson will be hosting a Pre-Contest Workshop and I can’t wait! Please join me, Tanji, and other amazing Team DreamQuest athletes this weekend! I cannot wait to see you all there!

Kiana Phi at Eugene Max Muscle

Come see me at the Eugene Max Muscle and visit with Mr. Olympia Phil Heath! I cannot wait to meet my Eugene fans.

Again, the first person who mentions this post gets for a free 11 x 17 poster of me, Kiana Phi!

Kiana Phi to appear in Eugene

Kiana Phi, Oregon’s only competing IFBB Professional, will be visiting with Mr. Olympia Phil Heath at the Eugene Max Muscle January 21!

Come see me; the first person who mentions this post will win a free 11×17 poster of me, Kiana Phi. I cannot wait to meet my Eugene fans!

Kiana Phi to appear with Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, on 11/5!

Kiana Phi, Oregon’s only active competing IFBB Figure Pro will be appearing with four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler at Max Muscle in downtown Portland on Saturday 11/5! What a great opportunity to meet one of the best bodybuilders of all time, check out the grand opening of the new Max Muscle store and get motivated to compete! Thanks to Dominic Current for making it all happen!

New Photos with Coach Kiana Phi

I posted pictures on my Facebook fanpage from Team DreamQuest’s Open Posing Practice. The Open practice took place at team DreamQuest’s home gym, Xtreme Edge, on August 13, 2011. Check them out and leave me a few comments, fans!

Kiana Phi Trains with Krissy Chin

Had a great time training and posing with Krissy Chin at Xtreme Edge gym!

Eight days till Pheonix Pro

I am downtown meeting with my marketing team and streamlining my social media strategy. The sunshine is great!

Here is a new Kiana Phi towel using the star, Kiana Phi, icon that I just got today:

2011 Oregon State Open

KianaFans: day 30

It has been thirty days friends, is this something we should continue or should we scrap the daily photo posts? They’re gifts for you and your friends, so if you don’t like them- we should try something else.

Thanks friends!

KianaFans: day 29

Happy early-weekend (yeah, only five days early) but it’s right around the corner. :)